Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Franciscan and Gladding MCBean

The white Ivory 12"bowl in the picture is marked GMB on the bottom which stands for Gladding McBean and Co. They started making pottery sewer pipes, floor tiles, and dinnerware (what a combination!) in 1875. In 1934 the name changed to Franciscan Ware which is the mark on the pretty yellow 11 3/4" chop plate. The pattern name is Coronado. Any piece marked GMB is harder to find than the more common Franciscan mark, but both are desired by collectors. Wouldn't the bowl be pretty with a salad or dessert in it? My husband was thinking of Banana Pudding. LOL! I will be taking both pieces to the shop today. If your a collector or just love the look of these 2 pretty pieces, hurry in and check them out.

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