Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's in those tin boxes?

I'm still in IL. and I'm having a really good time. We went to all my favorite Antique places and I found a few things, but it's still like winter here so the dealers haven't gotten out to shop and buy for their shops yet.

I have found on other trips that buying tin picnic baskets to put in my luggage protects stuff I buy and as a added plus I can sell the ones I don't want for my self in the shop. The down side is no matter how well I pack them there is no guarantee that the people at the airport won't open them to do a check (they won't believe the stuff!) and if they do, it might not fit back in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that won't happen.

I'll be working the the shop on the 26th and will be bringing the stuff in to mark and put out.

Just a sample of what's in side the boxes. Click on pictures to make bigger.

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