Monday, March 5, 2012

Easter Craft for you

What you'll need:
1/3 cup jelly beans
Pleated sandwich bag
1 large yellow pom pom
3 yellow foam hearts
2 small wiggle eyes
Scrap of orange felt or foam
Chenille stem
Small pom pom (color to match chenille stem)
White craft glue
How to make it:
Pour jelly beans into sandwich bag. Gather beans into one corner of the bag and twist chenille stem snugly around the bag.
Trim the top of the bag, above the chenille stem, to about 1/2 inch. Fan out the top of the bag as if opening it to expose the center.
Put a generous amount of white glue on the yellow pom pom and place on top of the bag.
Put two yellow foam hearts next to each other on the table. These will be your chick’s feet. Glue bag on top of the feet so that the rounded ends of the hearts are poking out the front.
Cut the third yellow foam heart on half, these two pieces will be your chick’s wings. Glue one to each side of the jelly bean bag.
Glue wiggle eyes to the front of the pom pom head.
Cut a small triangle from the orange felt or foam and glue on as the beak.
Use the scissors to trim the ends of the chenille stem to about 2-3” each. Fold each side of the chenille stem in toward the center to look like a bow tie.
Glue small pom pom to the center of the chenille bow tie.
If you don’t have pleated sandwich bags you can use zipper bags, just cut the zipper top off before starting.
You can make full yellow chicks by using all yellow jelly beans, however this may be cost prohibitive unless you buy your jelly beans from a store that sells individual colors in bulk.
As an alternative you can glue the wings inward toward the front of the jelly bean bag and glue a small slip of paper with the message “Happy Easter” on it in front. Keep in mind that this will hide the jelly beans on your project

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