Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love of old pictures.

I can't stand the thought of them being tossed out in the trash when someone doesn't reconize the people in them.  So I buy them.  Or take them gladly if someone wants to give them away.  I always wonder who they are and what their story was.   I make a lot of tags out of them and someone said "but you punched a hole in it" my answer "at least they are getting a new lease on life and aren't in the trash"  and it goes with whatever it's on, so that's an added bonus.  It all started when I got my Mom's albums and couldn't guess who some of the folks were.  So after asking everyone I thought should know I just started using them.
Anyway I did it again today.  I got a big box of old black and white photo's and I can hardly wait to sort through them.  Did I need more? Don't  I already have boxes full?   Well.......... yes!  But I always have room for more.
By the way the picture below is NOT mine.  I wish it was I love it. 
I will be having baged assortments for sale in the store when I can get them sorted and can bear to part with them.  So if you like old photo's keep an eye out. 

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