Friday, November 20, 2015

Posting this again from a 2008 blog post
Ever hear of Swankyswigs?
Well I bet you did and just didn't know it.
Sometimes things sit in our kitchen cabinets for so long, they gradually age into collectibles. If you have a few colorful character glasses stuck way back in one of your cubbies, it's time to get them out and look them over. You might just have a Swanky or two. They are VERY collectible. There's even a book on just Swanky Swigs.

The predecessor to today's character glasses actually came on the scene during the Depression-era. Collectors call these little glasses "swanky swigs" referring to swanky decals featuring colorful flowers, stars, and animals, themes, decorating them.
These juice-sized tumblers originally held Kraft cheese products and were premiums distributed over many years. Occasionally collectors will run across a swanky swig with an original lid bearing the Kraft name still intact or, even more rarely, with the cheese product still in the jar.
Big selection of these cute little gems in the store now

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