Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm back on the road again. We got to my brothers in Arkansas on Thurs. Didn't have Internet while there so wasn't able to blog. But I've got it here at the RV park in Amarillo TX. A lot of you know I was born in Niles and grew up in Fremont. Trust me, Fremont is wonderful. LOL

I was all prepared to stop at 2 of my favorite Antique stores in Okla. and they are now closed on Monday's! Poo! I now know how people feel when they come to Niles on Mon. and Tues. and almost everyone but us is closed. It's disappointing!

Boy did we hit some weather. It rained and hailed so hard we had to pull over. You couldn't see ahead of you. It was kind of like fog in CA. Pretty scary.

The big talk on all the news stations here is of course the Earthquake in Okla. We were in Ark. close to Ft. Smith and we didn't feel it although some people say they did. I probably wouldn't have thought it was an earthquake even if we did. Just don't think about Earthquakes there. Poor people. They have to put up with Tornadoes, now earthquakes. Bad news. Saw an elderly lady on the local news and she said she was from CA and knew right away what it was. She said to the news caster "honey I was out the front door before the dust could settle!"

We still have some places to stop, but will be home and have new stuff in the shop soon. Stay tuned!

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