Thursday, November 3, 2011

We left IL. this morning, all of us a little teary eyed. We are getting better at saying goodbye. When the kids moved here 5 years ago it was a lot of crying from all of us when it was time to leave. It's makes our hearts feel good that our 11 year and 13 year old Grandsons still care about us enough to be really sad when we leave. (yes it's sad, but still makes us appreciate them) Same for the kids in CO.

We went to Saint Joseph IL. yesterday and were shopping in a store we love and call the "Museum" because the guy has some really outstanding stuff, but very expensive. Anyway he knows I have a shop in CA and came up to me with this box of silhouettes and said "do you sell these at your shop in CA?" Well of course I said "YES!" Well needless to say I couldn't resist buying them. There are 37 of them all different. They weren't cheap and it took me the whole time we were in his shop to make up my mind to buy them. I can't wait to get them in the shop. If your a collector of silhouettes you'll love them and even if your not, you'll appreciate how pretty they are.

Only 4 pictured below

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