Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm off to spring market in Atlanta tomorrow. I'm sooooo excited. Not only am I going to the gift show which is where I find all the cute wonderful new merchandise for the store, but my girl friend from Sonora, her daughter and one of my daughters are going from Atlanta on a road trip to Savannah and Charleston. I will take pictures and see if I can get my daughter with her trusty iphone to post some here on the blog for me. Great fun!

Have you ever wished someone would make you a cake? I'd like one just like in the picture below please. Speaking of cakes. Anyone want to share recipes of your favorite? Email them to me and I will try and put them on the blog to share with everyone. I'm thinking that it would be a fun addition that everyone would enjoy. By the way, we're handing out another free recipe in the store this month. It's called Apple Dewies and it's yummy. Stop by and pick up your copy.

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