Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day at the beach

I spent the day at one of my favorite places anywhere.  The State Park in Half Moon Bay.  It's a great beach to go to.   There are picnik tables right at the edge of the beach where you can have lunch without all the sand and still see the ocean.  An added plus was the field of flowers blooming all around our table.
Today I found more pieces of sea glass than I have ever found there before.  It was so fun walking along the beach and searching for it among the broken shells.  It's hard to find and I did a lot of beach walking just to gather what I did.  Notice the 2 blue pieces. It's the hardest to find.

Sea Glass found at beach today
Following the shell trail all along the beach 
See the green sea glass.  It's laying just where I found it, in the shell trail.

Field of flowers

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