Sunday, July 15, 2012

After we left Portland we stayed in Salem and the next morning we headed for the Coast.  We were on Hwy. 18 headed for Lincoln and stopped at this darling place.  We ate here 3 years ago.  So cute and the food was wonderful.  We shared, bacon, eggs, country potatoes and Strawberry crepes with real whipped cream.  HEAVEN!  They not only have the little Cafe but a fruit stand and a nursery with beautiful plants.  The fruit stand also has an ice cream bar where they sell ice cream they make there.  We were too full for that.  Next time!
Try clicking on the pictures.  Sometimes they get bigger.
 On the way to the coast we stopped at this Antique Store.  The owner told us that this was the first Bonanza restraurant. (spelling?  Can't find spell check since they changed the format of this thing! LOL)  Anyway it was owned by the brother of the guy who owned the land and ranch where the TV show Bonanza was filmed.  There is a whole showcase full of Bonanza stuff which is not for sale.  Nice store, nice people running it.
Beautiful view thru the trees.  They are pretty thick in places.
My beach finds.  Couldn't find a heart shell at first so I made one.  I found one later along with the two little round sand dollars.  The smallest I've ever seen.  The rocks are hard to see, but some of them are Agate.  I had fun collecting. 
We're on our way home.  I have mixed feelings.  I'm missing home and the shop, but I love to see new places too.  I am going to be working in the shop this next week and putting in all my new found goodies.  Stop by and see.

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