Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yoohoo everyone, I'm on a trip!  Left yesterday for Portland.  We are going to the big Antique Expo on Friday.  I know.......let me hear a big lucky you from everyone.  I really am lucky.  We just load up the camper and head out for shopping and fun.  We have already stopped at a lot of shops and I must say everything is way expensive.  MY FRIENDS AND I  has the best prices, and so far is the cutest and best antique store I've been in.  REALLY.........I'm not just saying that cause I own it.  It's true.  I never can understand why people in stores can't display their wares.  I looked in a lot of messy, junky booths and it's not as much fun as looking in decorated ones.  I get bored really fast.  First night we stayed in Canyonville and the Seven Feathers casino is right near their 5 star RV park.  Beautiful place.  I gambled a little bit on a penny machine that ended up paying me 55.00.  I have no ideal how I won but I did.  Got the money and put it in my pocket and left! LOL!  Stay tuned for more on the road news.  I'll try and take some pictures too.

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