Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well we just got to IL. today. We got out of CO. in the nick of time. It snowed on Wed. We left on Tues. I have done a lot of shopping and will take some pictures and post them tomorrow. If you read my last posts you know that I left my charger at home. My son-in-law thinks there is an extra one where he works. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that.

Just a little interesting thing my daughter told me today about a grocery store here in IL called Aldi. It's kind of like Trader Joe's, but here's the interesting part. All their grocery carts are locked up and you have to put a quarter in to get one. (like at the airports) Then when you take it back in you get your quarter back. They never have carts in the parking lot cause if someone doesn't return it themselves, there's always someone who grabs it and gets the quarter. Also if you don't bring your own bags they charge you for the bag that they put your groceries in. Wonder if it would work in CA.?

Hope to add some pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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